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Family Approach

Unlike other companies, we don't just take a little info online, then send a stranger to provide pet care. We get to know your pets like Family. Before any services begin, our Pet Care Professionals come to your home for a Meet & Greet with you AND your pets so you can all go over every little detail of their care. You'll get to know them a bit and your pets have time to interact and bond with them so they'll be at ease when they visit later. Your pets get see the same friendly faces each time you book services, allowing them to get to know each other so well, they're like Family stopping by. If there's ever a change in one of those faces, you'll always be notified in advance and given the opportunity to meet them in person beforehand. Once you're established as a client, we're here for you 24/7 for all of your pet care needs - Long work hours, travel, or emergencies - you know your pets and home will be well taken care of. After all, we're Family.


Security & Peace of Mind

Our Pet Care Professionals have passed a thorough screening process to work with us so you can feel comfortable knowing your pets are in the best hands. To be sure we share the same philosophies on pet care and animal welfare, we conduct extended interviews over the phone and in-person. Getting to know them and the extent of their knowledge on subjects such as: animal behavior and body language, pet medical emergencies and signs of illness, various types of pet care equipment, and how to handle various emergency situations. References, previous employment & clients are all cross-checked and we run a federal background check, including child & animal abuse registries and more. If we feel they share our same values, they shadow visits with us so they gain a complete understanding of our client's expectations in their level of care and so we can evaluate how they interact with your pets. If everyone is happy, They join our Team and become a part of our Family!


Emergency Preparedness

Life is unpredictable, and emergencies happen. Animals are intelligent, but make some questionable choices. (WHY did my Dog eat that bee?) That's why we're SO thorough in knowing everything we can about your pets and home in advance of services. Trust us, if we don't know where the water shutoff is, we'll need it! Some of the Emergency information we cover is: Emergency Contact if you can't be reached, Emergency Pet Guardianship form if you don't return from a trip, Emergency Vet Form so we can approve life saving medical treatment at a vet if you can't be reached, and your Emergency Hurricane Evacuation plan for what needs to be done if we're mid-service, you're unable to return, and we're all evacuated. We've got your Pet's health covered too. Our Pet CPR & First Aid Certification means we're trained to recognize signs of illness or injury, and able to jump into action to provide emergency medical care or treatment, stabilize them for transport to a Veterinarian, or just know when something seems off and it can't wait until you get home. Also, Management is Fear-Free Certified which means we're well equipped to handle pets that become overly stressed, fearful or anxious while you're gone. We're fully prepared to handle nearly any and all emergency situations that could arise in your absence. We may also know a plumber or two!

Scheduling & Communications are quick and easy!

Advanced Client

Choose your services & time frames and add specific notes or reminders for individual visits or book add-on services. Request, Cancel, or Update those services on the fly. Access your schedule anytime from any device and see it live to know who is coming each visit. You’ll be able to see if a visit is currently in progress, if it’s been completed, or if an update has been sent yet.

After EVERY visit you’re emailed a journal detailing how it went with a checklist of duties completed, notes about your pets activities(including potty details), and pictures of their adventures. Journals also include what time your Pet Care Professional arrived and left. You can leave comments on the journals and even rate each visit 1-5 stars after. The portal has GPS tracking so we always know where our Pet Care Professionals are when they’re with your pets and that their arrival/departure times are correct. BONUS: ALL Journal Photos are automatically saved in a Gallery, so you can view them anytime and even share with family, friends, or to social media.

Each Client account has a profile for both their home and each of their pets. Your Pet Care Professional can view this anytime during services so no detail of your home or Pets care is missed. Home profiles include information such as: Your contact information & Emergency Contacts, Parking & Access instructions, location of cleaning supplies & pet supplies, inside/outside trash & trash/recycle days, Emergency supplies & plans, water shutoff/break box location, extra duties you’d like us to perform(pick up mail, water plants, rotate blinds, adjust AC), and more. Pet Profiles cover: Pet routine, personality, likes & dislikes, any training commands they know, quirks, medical information, vet information, feeding & care routine, and MORE!

Real Reviews


Pawesome!!!! Kevin is fantastic! I truly didn't have to worry the whole time I was away, and when I did as moms do, I would look at my phone and there was a new video or beautiful photo of my furry baby! Kevin truly went the extra mile to care for my doggy. And when we returned the house was tidy, our dog was fed and walked, and was sleeping next to Kevin. I can't recommend his company enough! He's truly amazing!

— Crystal F

Kevin runs a most professional business. He gathers information about not only the dog, but also about the house. We had Kevin come over to the house several days ahead of time to not only meet Toby, but also to give him a quick walk-through of the house. We liked what we saw and he even took Toby for a walk that first meeting. We put down 50% and completed all the necessary information. As I mentioned, he not only needed to understand things about the pet (veterinarian, feeding schedule, habits, toys, medications, etc.), he also wanted to see the electrical panel, main water shut-off, alarms, etc. He was extremely pleasant and courteous and agreed to come by for a second time prior to our departure. During his second visit, we went through room by room instructions for him to acclimate him to the house, and other instructions/information about the house, neighbors, community, garbage pick-up, mail, etc. He was very attentive and organized. As for the day of our departure, he arrived 30 minutes before we left and kept Toby occupied when we departed. Kevin was awesome about sending multiple text messages daily with pictures and videos of how Toby was doing. It meant so much for us to see how much time Kevin was spending with him and how they had obviously bonded. Kevin took into consideration the three hour time change and started texting us at the beginning of each day. You can tell how much he loves animals. When he had any questions or concerns, he always texted us and we responded accordingly. Finding someone like Kevin is rare. This is a profession he is totally committed to and one that he executes perfectly. Upon our arrival home (which was quite early by the way), the house was immaculate. It was freshly cleaned, straightened and vacuumed. You would have never known that Kevin had stayed there. All in all, this was an outstanding experience for not only us, but more importantly for Toby. We couldn't be happier with Kevin and he deserves the highest of recommendations.

— Roland B

Kevin watched our two dogs, our cat, and our home while we were away in Europe and then on another subsequent shorter trip out of town.
He is really great with animals. He loves them and takes care of them the way we would and that made us really really comfortable while we were away. One of our Dogs is a high needs senior who requires extra attention, eye drops, and medication and all was handled perfectly. Our other dog who is only a bit over a year old is very high energy and when we asked Kevin to take him on car rides, he did. Not only did he take him on car rides, we came home to a very well behaved dog, who used to be crazy in the car. Now Skoda(our youngest dog) loves to sit calmly on the passenger seat with his seat belt on and enjoy the ride. Thanks Kevin!!! Kevin also took great care of the house while we were away. It looked as good if not better than the way it looked when we left. He even cleaned up the bamboo that constantly sheds all over our front yard! Anyway to sum up Kevin's service, we were very pleased. We will definitely use his services again in the future. The peace of mind of knowing that we don't have to worry while we are away is worth every penny. Also his prices happen to be competitive.

— Steven

We recently moved so South FL from PA and needed to find a fantastic pet (kid!) sitter. We found Kevin on and after reading his reviews, checking out his personal website and communicating via email, we had a good feeling! Kevin was extremely efficient in communicating with us from our very first contact, and flexible when scheduling our initial meeting. Upon arrival, we and our 85lb (anxious!) Sheepdog felt comfortable right away! Kevin had no problems at all letting Dawkins sit with him, snuggle him, and kiss him. In fact appeared to even welcome this, and we LOVED that! Kevin took a lot of notes, and was he was prepared and had paperwork ready for us to fill out that covered everything you can possibly imagine to ensure he could provide the best care possible for our baby. We secured our babies first stay with Kevin before he left after our initial meeting b/c we just knew! Fast forward, and while we were away (three nights where we had Kevin stay at our house), our house and baby couldn't have been left in better hands. Kevin came before we left so Dawkins didn't have to be alone and he was here in more than enough time so we could review everything again just to be sure. Kevin was in contact with us throughout our entire trip away. He sent us pictures, videos and funny stories! He didn't need to ask us anything b/c he had such great notes, but I also knew he wouldn't hesitate to if needed to. It was evident from all of the photos and stories that Kevin just loves animals and puts them and his clients comfort first. (I imagine if you didn't want photos and such Kevin would surely respect that - his clients are his priority!) Our dog has hip dysplasia, along with some other ``special`` needs and it was MORE than clear Kevin took this into account. Our baby was relaxed, comfortable and happy when we returned! Kevin even waited until I arrived home before he left! In addition, Kevin spent SO much time here and never left Dawkins alone for very long - which we even understood if he needed to but he didn't! Finally, Kevin left our house in better shape than it was before we left. It was sparkling clean and everything organized and put the way we left it. He even washed the sheets and remade the bed!! Kevin's truly a blessing and beyond perfect as a house and pet sitter. We have already secured him for our next trip in October!

— Diana C

Kevin is the best!
Very gentle and loving. I was very nervous leaving my 8 dogs and 6 birds in the hands of a new caregiver but Kevin was so great with all my pets. I am so happy I can travel for a long period of time and enjoy my trip knowing my pets are in the best hands. Kevin also follows directions very well and kept me constantly updated.
Kevin has a very sweet personality that makes you feel comfortable with him right away. I highly recommend Kevin to anyone that adores their pets and want to never have to worry about the wellbeing of their pets while they are away.

— Kim M

The only reason my husband and I could relax and enjoy out trip overseas is because Kevin with House & Paws Sitter was taking care of our four large dogs and several cats. I am an overprotective pet parent and stress easily when I feel I cam not in control of the care my dogs and cats receive, except with Kevin. He was very professional from our very first communication. He was extremely reliable, patient and conscientious. He shared daily updates, photos and videos with us and on social media (with our permission) daily during our two-week excursion. When we returned home, the house was immaculate- even cleaner than we left it for him. We most definitely recommend Kevin and will be sure to call on him the next time we go out of town.

— Bernard L

This was our first time using House Paws Sitter, Kevin and we were truly blessed to have gotten to know him this way. This was our first longer trip away for 8 days. I, of course am always a little nervous and cautious with who i use because my animals are my children. Kevin put us at ease right away. He sent us daily video and pictures of the animals playing and relaxing. He kept us posted if he needed to go on any errands. Kevin took the time to always inform us of everything going on while we were away enjoying ourselves. If he had a question he asked us, which i prefer so that we were always on the same page.
Kevin looked after our family and our home and we truly appreciate his kindness and his talent with animals and with technology. LOL
The biggest concern here in todays world and especially a city is TRUST and we now know that we have that with Kevin.
Thank you Kevin and we look forward to our next vacation away.

— Karen

Kevin stayed overnight with our 2 dogs and cat. He also picked up our other cat from the residence.
He has a spirit of kindness that the animals sense and love. He will be our only sitter going forward.

— Jonni

Kevin is a very caring and considerate person. A true animal lover. He is always on time and gives my dogs the attention they deserve. I wouldn't use anyone else.

— sherry

Kevin looked after the house and pets for a week whilst we were out of town. We received regular feedback, immediate notification of any problems, and were able to see photos and videos of our pets on Facebook and also received some by email. Kevin followed our instructions to the letter, kept the pets fed, walked and happy, watered our plants and back yard and left the house clean and tidy when he had finished, stripping his bed as well. He took care of all the garbage and recycleables too. Absolutely no complaints, it felt like we'd left everything in the care of a family member and I have no hesitation in recommending his services.

— Mark H

Kevin is an awesome resource. His gentle loving nature makes my pets feel very comfortable with him. I never have to worry about my pets when Kevin is caring for them. If any medication is require, he is sure to give it on time. Kevin gives plenty of attention to the animals, brushing and petting to make them feel at ease while you are gone.
Kevin is meticulous in both his personal habits and the care he will take of your home. When he is house sitting, you will return to a spotless home.
I would recommend Kevin for any pet and/or house sitting needs.

— Charleen

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