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Bowery Dog Walkers

Bowery Dog Walking Services

From Chatham Square to the East Village sits the small neighborhood of Bowery. Back in the day, Bowery Lane ran through this area, and it’s still known as the oldest thoroughfare on Manhattan Island. Though not officially designated by the city, Bowery is home to Little Saigon and tons of culturally diverse cuisine. It’s also where you can find our Bowery dog walkers on a daily basis.

Dog Walking from Canal to E4 and Allen to Bowery

This area may be small, but it has tons of green areas for your dog to frolic in. From Sara D. Roosevelt Park to First Park, our Bowery dog walkers know all the best places to take your pooch. It’s important for your pooch to get fresh air, exercise and social time during the day and our Bowery dog walkers know that. Whether your pooch is in the mood for a stroll in the grass, or a stroll on Allen Street where smells from restaurants permeate the air, our Bowery dog walkers will keep your pup entertained and safe during their walk.

Bowery Dog Walkers

With Empire Of Paws, our professional dog walkers don’t just walk your dog, we love and protect your pooch like it’s our own. We know that leaving your dog is one of the hardest things you have to do, but we hope to help soften that blow for both you and your pooch. Your dog will get everything they need to make it through the day without you.

When you get home they will have been walked, hydrated and loved on. Don’t worry about leaving your pup at home all day, because we’ve got you covered. We even have overnight services if you need to go out of town and can’t take your pooch with you. Contact us today to schedule a meet and greet with one of our Bowery dog walkers, and see why we are the best dog walking company in the five boroughs.

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