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Chelsea Dog Walkers

Dog Walking Services in Chelsea

Dog Walking from West14th to 34th and 7th to the River

Welcome to Manhattan’s art district, also known as Chelsea, New York. It’s also one of the most residential and ethnically diverse parts of the city. Most recently, this Manhattan neighborhood has transformed into an alternative shopping destination and the host of lively nightlife for the local New Yorker. But at its core, Chelsea is still the most diverse art district in New York. With more than 200 galleries giving recognition to both up and coming and established artists, there’s plenty of space to explore this growing art scene. Our team of Chelsea dog walkers loves to live and work here. Exploring the unique and exciting High Line Park by day, taking a walk by the river by afternoon and enjoying the many restaurants and Chelsea Market by night. There’s always something to see and do in this part of Manhattan.

Some of our most favorite sites include, The Art Deco Walker Tower entrance, the Highline viaduct, Empire Diner and the handful of theaters that honorably call Chelsea their home. Including the Grand Opera House and New York Live Arts. We absolutely love walking around this neighborhood, and can always find the best place to take both our human friends and our dog friends.

Chelsea Dog Walkers

With Empire Of Paws, there are two things that makes us different from other dog walking companies: our passion and our consistency. Our Chelsea dog walkers don’t just walk your dog, they love and protect them. We treat each dog as if it was our own. Making sure that they get ample exercise, time to do their dog business and some fresh air that will get them through the rest of their day at home. And we promise that walks with us will always be one-on-one.

It’s our goal to make sure that your dog has a unique and exciting experience every walk. Which is why our local Chelsea dog walkers tailor their walks to your dog’s specific needs. We’ll even provide you with a detailed update of the walk and send you a GPS tracking link so you can monitor your pooch’s activity as they spend some time out on the town with their new friend. Rest assured that your pooch will have a fun and safe walk with us every time!

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