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East Village Dog Walkers

East Village Dog Walking Services

The East Village was once considered to be part of the Lower East Side. As New York City started to change in the 1960s, East Village started to see an influx of artists, musicians and hippies, soon becoming the center of counterculture in NYC. It’s the home to the birth of the punk rock movement, and is booming with nightlife and a diverse community. It’s also where our East Village Dog Walkers live, work and love finding fun places to take your pooch.

Dog Walking from Houston to East 14th and the East River to Bowery

East Village may not take up as many street blocks as other boroughs, but it has just as much fun within its streets. From Tompkins Square Dog Park to the East River, there are little parks on almost every street block, giving your pooch plenty of grass to play in. With a booming local food scene, you’ll both enjoy walking around this area with all of the different smells of delicious food that permeate the streets of the East Village. Don’t worry though, our dog walkers will make sure your dog doesn’t get a cheat meal in on their walk.

East Village Dog Walkers

Whatever your schedule is, rest assured that our East Village Dog Walkers will take the best possible care of your pooch. Our dog walkers treat your dog like their own, and genuinely love spending time with your pup. Whether you have a busy work schedule, or just want to get some things done by yourself for the day, we can take care of your pup while you’re away.

With our customizable walking schedule, you can choose the time of day that you want your dog to be walked. We even track every walk with GPS, take notes about your dog’s mood and can even give you photos from their adventure. If you need a little extra care for your pup, we offer in-home dog-sitting services as well as grooming services. Let us make your life easier, and make sure your pup gets all the love and care they need.

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