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Garment District Dog Walkers

Garment District Dog Walking Services

Dog Walking from W34th to 42nd and 5th to 9th

Located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, the Garment District is New York’s fashion hub. Known as the center for fashion manufacturing and design in the United States, this neighborhood is home to many of New York City’s showrooms and fashion labels. Catering to all aspects of the fashion process from design and production to wholesale selling. This district may technically be one square mile but it’s one of the most famous center’s in the world for the fashion industry. It’s also home to some of our Garment District dog walkers.

Not only is the Garment District is home to some of the biggest fashion labels in the world, and also some of the biggest fashion designers, but it’s also home to some very fashionable and famous dogs. For instance, the fabric store Mood  is infamously known from the hit show Project Runway, but it’s also known for it’s very adorable store dog, Swatch.

Dog walking in the Garment District is always fun. There’s always something interesting to see and observe. But we usually try to find a route that suites your dog’s mood best. Our Garment District dog walkers know the area well and can map out a mellow or upbeat route depending on what your dog likes. We also like to take a walk through Bryant Park if time permits. Whenever there is a chance to stop and smell the roses or roll in the grass, we like to take it. Because we know your dog will love it too.

Garment District Dog Walkers

Here at Pooch Ventures we walk dogs all throughout Manhattan and through every district in-between. We have professional dog walkers that cater to every part of the city, but our Midtown dog walkers cater specifically to your area. They’ll take your dog out for a safe and fun walking experience as many times a day, and week as you need. Never worry about leaving your pooch at home for the whole day again. Our professional dog walkers will ensure that your dog has enough food and water for the day, and will make sure that they get the necessary time outside to keep everything inside in one piece. We don’t just walk dogs, we love and protect them as if they were our own. Contact us today to schedule a meet and greet with a Garment City dog walker in your neighborhood.

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