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Greenwich Village Dog

Greenwich Village Dog Walking Services

Dog Walking from Houston to W14th and Broadway to the Hudson River

Also referred to as The Village by locals, Greenwich Village is on the west side of Lower Manhattan. This affluent area was one of the centers for counterculture in the city during the 1960’s and has remained a center for all kinds of communities since. As the Bohemian capital of Lower Manhattan, Greenwich Village is a great place to stroll around, especially since its right on the Hudson River. That’s also where our Greenwich Village dog walkers are enthusiastically bonding with dogs on a daily basis.

One of the focal points of Greenwich Village is Washington Square Park. Nestled up against NYU, this park has plenty of different views for your pup. Just inside Washington Square Park, George’s Dog Run is a popular destination for dogs in the neighborhood. If that’s not scenic enough for your pooch, our dog walker can mosey down the Hudson River with your dog, taking in the boats and birds as they pass by. Our Greenwich Village dog walkers know the area inside and out and will make sure that your pup is enjoying themselves while they are getting the exercise and socialization they need.

Greenwich Village Dog Walkers

At Empire Of Paws, we aren’t just dog walkers, we’re so much more than that. We bring a passion and consistency to dog walking that you won’t find anywhere else. Our Greenwich Village dog walkers treat every dog like it’s their own, giving your pup undivided love and attention for the whole time we are with your furry pal. To give you even more peace of mind, all of our walks are GPS tracked and you can monitor your pooch’s activity while they are out and about with their new companion. Our walks will always be one on one, and your dog will get all the exercise and fresh air they need until you get home.

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