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Little Italy

Dog Walking Services in Little Italy

Little Italy used to take up a large portion of Lower Manhattan from Mulberry to Worth, Houston to Lafeyette and east to Bowery. But now, that area has been reduced to three blocks on Mulberry street. Little Italy became home to a massive amount of Italian’s immigrating during the 1880s, which is how it got its name. If you live in this area, you’re familiar with the staple “Little Italy” sign that hangs on Mulberry near Broome. There’s also a chance you may have noticed our Little Italy dog walkers strolling through the neighborhood with happy dogs.

Dog Walking From Canal to Broome along Mulberry

Little Italy may be small, but there are plenty of things to do and see. Strolling along Hester and Grand there are plenty of shops and restaurants to admire. It may seem a little out of place, but there’s even the Museum of Chinese in America located in this area. There are even bakeries and street vendors filling the streets with smells that will stimulate your dogs senses.

Your pooch will get to spend some much needed time outdoors while their Little Italy dog walkers make sure they get their exercise in. They may even bump into some other pooches strolling the area to get some socialization in as well. Our Little Italy dog walkers have been walking dogs in this area for years and they don’t plan on stopping any time soon.

Little Italy Dog Walkers

Whether you have to make last minute arrangements for your pooch or schedule their walks in advance, we can accommodate you. Our Little Italy dog walkers are available seven days a week for one-on-one dog walks. Each one of our walks is GPS tracked. You’re also able to see your dog’s activity throughout our time together. With Empire Of Paws we don’t just walk your dog, we love and protect them. Schedule your dog walk today and don’t worry another second about your precious pooch.

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