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Lower East Side

Lower East Side Dog Walking Services

New York City has been a hub for immigration throughout the years. And the Lower East Side is one of the main hubs for Jewish culture in New York. With beautiful synagogues scattered throughout the neighborhood and eateries like Kat’z Deli and other kosher style bakeries in the area, there’s no shortage of good eats and great architecture in this neighborhood. This is also where you’ll find our Lower East Side dog walkers happily walking pooches throughout the day.

Canal to Houston and the River to Bowery

Exploring the sights and sounds of the Lower East Side with your pooch is something that our dog walkers take very seriously. We’re always looking for new routes and parks or different areas to take your dog to. If your dog isn’t really feeling like going to Coleman Square Playground that day, our Lower East Side dog walker might take them to John V. Lindsay East River Park instead. The great thing about the Lower East Side is that there is an adventure waiting at every turn. We know that exercise and socialization are important for your pooch, and the Lower East Side has plenty of scenery to take in.

Lower East Side Dog Walkers

We know you would rather be home hanging out with your furry friend. But when you aren’t able to spend the day at home, you want to bring in a company that’s reliable and professionally trained. Every one of our Lower East Side dog walkers loves what they do, is professionally trained and takes the safety of your pooch very seriously. Each one-on-one walk is GPS tracked, so you’ll know exactly where your dog went that day and how much activity they got in. We have some of the highest rated dog walkers in NYC. Schedule a meet and greet today and see what makes us different from the rest of the competition.

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