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Manhattan Dog Walkers

As the most densely populated borough in New York, Manhattan is home to some of the cutest dogs and friendliest Manhattan dog walkers. It’s also where you’ll find one of the one of the most visited parks in all of the United States. Nationally recognized as the hub of media, entertainment, culture and finance, it’s no wonder the city of Manhattan has the largest dog and people population in New York.

Manhattan is also the city that Empire Of Paws calls home. Our dog walkers know this city and all its inner workings like the back of their hand, so your pooch is in for a real treat on a walk with one of our Manhattan dog walkers. Each one of our dog walkers is professionally trained and equipped to make sure your dog is safe, happy and ready for a nap when they get home. With Empire Of Paws, you’re not just getting your dog a walk, you’re getting your dog a new friend.

Empire Of Paws Manhattan Dog Walkers

Our professionally trained dog walkers are some of the highest rated walkers in New York City and have been walking dogs in Manhattan for the last 5 years. We hold both knowledge of the city and pet safety in the forefront of our minds. It’s our mission as Manhattan dog walkers to ensure that your pet is happy, healthy and safe because we treat each dog as if it was our own.

Here at Empire Of Paws we take all the necessary steps to walk and protect your dog so that you can rest assured your dog is safe in the city while you’re at work. You can even track your dog’s walk throughout Manhattan with our GPS tracking system, receive notes and updates from our walkers and meet your personalized dog walker beforehand. Additionally, all of our walks are a private, one-on-one walk with the same dog walker each day. That way your dog can get the personalized attention they need and our dog walkers can build a trusting relationship with your pooch. Learn more about our team of professional dog walkers in Manhattan and contact us today to schedule a meet and greet before your first walk.

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