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Meatpacking District Dog Walkers

Meatpacking District Dog Walking Services

If you lived in the Meatpacking District 20 years ago, you probably wouldn’t even recognize it today. This  quintessential 24-hour neighborhood has experienced quite the transformation over the past few years and has emerged as an epicenter of activity for fashion, art, food, entertainment and much more. It’s also home to our growing team of Meatpacking District dog walkers.

Dog Walking from Gansevoort to West 15th and Hudson to the River

With the restoration of the neighborhood underway, fashion and graphic designers, architects, artists, restaurateurs, world-renowned stylists and corporate headquarters have moved in alongside existing meatpacking plants. This has created an incredibly interesting and diverse dynamic that has truly brought the neighborhood to life. While new developments are being built, New Yorkers can’t wait to get their hands on property in this emerging area. Booming with new development, the neighborhood is expected to change even more over the new few years. Our team of Meatpacking district dog walkers is working hard to accommodate all the new dogs of the area to make sure that every pooch enjoys enough time outside.

Meatpacking District Dog Walkers

Let our Meatpacking district dog walkers take your pooch for a stroll through the neighborhood that they know and love. Our professional dog walkers are locals to the  area and love taking dogs for walks in all the best dog-friendly spots. Whether they just need a quick bathroom break or a longer walk to burn off some pent up energy, our Meatpacking district dog walkers are here to help.

Highly rated for their attention to detail, innate sense of what your dog needs and friendly personalities, our Meatpacking District dog walkers are always ready for their next walk with their four legged pal. We take the time to get to know your dog by giving him or her the personalized attention they need while also providing you with the same, reliable dog walker each time they walk with us. Our friendly dog walkers can’t wait to meet you!

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