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Midtown East

Midtown East Dog Walking Services

Located in the center of the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, Midtown has a depth to it that expands beyond the center. Spanning to the East and West, this neighborhood covers some of the most iconic ground of New York City. It’s also the hub of the city’s workforce, reaching a population of about 200,000 by day and 40,000 by night.

Being within walking distance of the largest tourist attraction and centered around the city’s workforce, Midtown East is a diverse place to live. It’s also home to a world-class cultural scene, an endless array of shopping, dining and drinking and our team of professional Midtown East Dog Walkers.

From 42nd to 59th and East River to 5th

Located in the middle of Bryant Park and the Southside of Central Park, and bordered by the East River, Midtown East has plenty of places for you and your dog to explore. But if you don’t have enough time, don’t feel bad. That’s where EmpirePaws‘ friendly and professional Midtown East dog walkers can help.

Depending on where you’re located, our Midtown East dog walkers will create a route that is the most interesting and fun for your furry friend. Whether your dog simply needs a quick bathroom break while you’re at work or a midday play date, our Midtown East dog walkers make sure all their needs are met before returning home. There’s nothing better than finding a reliable best friend for your dog.

Midtown East Dog Walkers

Don’t go another day feeling bad about working long hours and leaving your fur baby at home without anyone to play with. Our professional dog walkers are available 7 days a week to take your dog for that much needed afternoon walk. Rest assured that you’ll come home to a happy pup after a long day’s work when you hire one of our Midtown East dog walkers to play with your dog. We’ll make sure your four-legged friend has a fun and safe time, while also providing you with a complete update of the day we have with them. With GPS tracked walks and doggy entry logs, we love providing our dog owners with all the information they need to keep their dog happy and healthy.

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