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Nolita Dog Walking Services

Nolita is a quaint little neighborhood in Manhattan, north of Little Italy. In fact, that’s how Nolita, or NoLita, got its name. This small area is home to quite a few well-known entertainers. David Bowie lived in Nolita with his wife. John Mayer, Vanessa Carlton and actor Gabriel Byrne also reside in the neighborhood. But more importantly, this is where our Nolita dog walkers are happily walking pooches of all shapes and sizes.

Dog Walking from Broome to Houston and Bowery to Lafayette

Our Nolita dog walkers know this area like the backs of their hands. If they aren’t taking your dog to Lt. Petrosino Square to socialize and get some relaxation in, they’re most likely strolling through the Elizabeth Street Garden. Nolita has plenty of sights to see and our Nolita dog walkers know all the best places to take your pooch. Whether your dog is in the mood for sunshine and socialization or a more somber stroll through the streets of Nolita, our dog walkers will give your dog all the exercise they need to get them through a day or afternoon without you. Thanks to our Nolita dog walkers, you won’t have to worry about your dog when that business meeting pops up or you decide to follow though on that day trip you’ve been meaning to take.

Nolita Dog Walkers

With Empire Of Paws, we don’t just walk your dog, we love and protect them. Our Nolita dog walkers know there are going to be times when you need help with your furry friend. And when those times come, we know that you don’t want just anyone to take care of your pooch. Our Nolita dog walkers are ready and waiting to give your dog a one-on-one dog walking experience while you’re away. Our professional Nolita dog walkers are some of the highest rated dog walkers in NYC. They make it their mission to get to know the unique personality of your dog. Schedule a walk with one of our Nolita dog walkers today and see why Pooch Ventures is so special.

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