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Stuyvesant Square Dog Walkers

Stuyvesant Square Dog Walking Services

Dog Walking from East 15th to East 18th and 1st to 3rd

What was once a part of the former 120-acre farm and estate of Peter Stuyvesant, is now a four-acre square that has been the centerpiece of the surrounding Stuyvesant Square neighborhood. The square itself is what makes this neighborhood so unique. As the centerpiece of the area, the historic homes and buildings follow suite in their timeless appearance. Officially recognized as a historic district since 1975, there are numerous local groups that work to keep both the park within the square and the homes preserved. As a historic part of New York, the area has a unique feel but is still synonymous with its neighbor, Gramercy Park.

Unlike Gramercy Park, the Stuyvesant Square is open to the public and it’s very dog-friendly. Locals of the area, and our team of Stuyvesant Square dog walkers love strolling through the square and enjoying all of its splendor. With 2 statues, fountains and plenty of greenery that lines the walkways it’s a dog’s paradise. Despite it’s last renovation in the 80’s, Stuyvesant Square is still a lively lush area to enjoy. As natives to the area, we’ll take your dog to all the same spots you two enjoy together and will ensure they have the same great time in their favorite place.

Stuyvesant Square Dog Walkers

Don’t go another day feeling bad about working long hours and leaving your dog at home alone. Our professional dog walkers are available 7 days a week to take your dog for that much needed morning or afternoon walk. We can walk your dog for as long and as often as you need. With some of our dogs getting multiple walks a day and others getting out for a leg stretch midday. Rest assured that you’ll come home to a happy pup after a long day’s work when you hire one of our Stuyvesant Square dog walkers to play with your dog.

We’ll make sure your four-legged friend has a fun and safe time, while also providing you with a complete update of the day we have with them. Our professional and friendly Stuyvesant Square dog walkers will even send you photos of your pooch to enjoy while you’re at work. With GPS tracked walks and doggy entry logs, we love providing our dog owners with all the information they need to keep their dog happy and healthy.

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