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Stuyvesant Town Dog Walkers

Stuyvesant Town Dog Walking Services

Dog Walking from East 14th to 20th and C to 1st

Encompassing Stuyvesant Square and Peter Cooper Village, Stuyvesant Town aka Stuy Town is where many New Yorkers have found an Oasis in which they call home. Unlike other boroughs of bustling Manhattan, this quaint post World War II private residential development has made quite an impression on locals looking for a place to escape from the hustle and bustle of NYC. It’s also where you can find our team of Stuyvesant Town dog walkers hanging out, and walking the local neighborhood dogs.

Sprawled with red brick buildings apartment buildings and acres of lush landscape, the neighborhood itself looks nothing like the rest of the city. And that’s exactly why everyone loves it. With the East Rive just moments away, and an 80-acre park to enjoy dog lovers in the city have it made living in this neighborhood.

Stuyvesant Town Dog Walkers

Don’t go another day feeling bad about working long hours and leaving your dog at home alone. Our professional dog walkers are available 7 days a week to take your dog for that much needed afternoon walk. We can walk your dog for as long and as often as you need. With some of our dogs getting multiple walks a day and others getting out for a leg stretch midday. Rest assured that you’ll come home to a happy pup after a long day’s work when you hire one of our Stuyvesant Town dog walkers.

Our professional dog walkers don’t just walk your dog, they treat every outing as if it was one with their own pup.  It’s our goal to make sure that your dog has a unique and exciting experience every walk. Which is why our local Stuyvesant Town dog walkers tailor their walks with your dog’s specific needs. We’ll even provide you with a detailed update of the walk and send you a GPS tracking link so you can monitor your pooch’s activity as they spend some time out on the town with their new friend.

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