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Sutton Place

Sutton Place Dog Walking Services

Dog Walking from E53rd to 59th and Sutton Place

Nestled in the Upper Eastside of Manhattan, New York lies Sutton Place. Known as the cosy enclave on the East River, Sutton Place is home to Sutton Place Park, Sutton Square and Riverview Terrace. It’s also home to some of our professional Sutton Place dog walkers.

The quaint buildings scattered throughout this neighborhood have been featured in numerous movies and television shows over the years. It’s also home to many well-known authors, actors and has been the birth place for a variety of characters in popular culture. Today, Sutton Place is an up and coming neighborhood for new and growing families as it continues to attract New Yorkers who are looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle that other boroughs have to offer.

One of our Sutton Place dog walker’s favorite is a visit to the gorgeous Sutton Place Park.  Located on the coast of the East River, this park hosts a breathtaking view of the Queensborough bridge, grassy areas and plenty of benches for relaxing. Our Sutton Place dog walkers also enjoy taking your dog for a stroll by the cobblestone alley of Riverview Terrace to the beautiful Sutton Square. Wherever we can find a patch of green grass, that’s where we want to be with your four-legged friend.

Our Sutton Place dog walkers are always up for a new adventure with your pooch. We’ll be sure to take your dog on the most stimulating, safe and friendly routes that we’ve found. We’ve already explored the area for ourselves, so we’re ready to take your dog on the best walk possible!

Empire Of Paws Sutton Place Dog Walkers

With our Sutton Place Dog Walkers you can rest assured that your dog is in good hands. Each one of our dog walkers is professionally trained to walk and care for your dog. We also have a love and passion for dogs that goes beyond training. Every dog we walk, we love and care for as if it was our own. Our Sutton Place dog walkers are specially trained in your specific neighborhood to take your dog to all its existing favorite spots and more! We even provide GPS tracking of each walk and detailed notes of how our time was spent with your four-legged family member. The best part? We’ll always send the same Sutton Place dog walker to your house! That way your dog always feels comfortable and gets to know their new dog friend better than ever. Are you ready to give your dog the best gift ever? Meet our team of Sutton Place dog walkers and contact us today to schedule a meet and greet.

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