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Time Square

Time Square Dog Walking Services

Dog Walking from W39th to 52nd and 7th to 9th Avenue

The tourist destination of the Midtown Manhattan district of New York City and one of the most iconic intersections of the world. Time Square is home to some of broadway’s biggest shows and the infamously home New York Times headquarters. Which it was actually renamed after when the international newspaper moved its headquarters to the Times building. Although it’s not actually shaped like a square, the intersection has still made an international name for itself. It’s where you’ll find countless restaurants, souvenir shops and street performers along with plenty of places to people watch and some of the biggest events.

Tourists visiting Time Square have been known to come from all over the world. And their dogs have been known to come too! If you’re thinking about visiting Times Square or are a local resident of the area, it’s surprisingly a dog friendly neighborhood. Just ask our Time Square dog walkers. Known for taking dogs throughout the safest most entertaining routes that maximize exercise without the over-exposure to crowds. If you’re looking for a dog walker in Time Square to help take care of your pooch, our friendly and professional dog walkers are here to help. They’ll take your furry friend around the block, away from the crowds and bring them home with a smile on their face.

Time Square Dog Walkers

Traveling with your dog just got easier! Are you staying in Times Square on vacation? We can help take care of your dog while you explore the streets of New York. For that part of the day when you want some alone time and don’t want to leave your dog in the room by itself, schedule a walk with one of our professional Time Square dog walkers. We’ll show your dog all the best local spots and if we have time, take a trip to Central Park. Not only will your pooch return happy, but they’ll also be ready for a nap. Enjoy your vacation with your dog, bring them along for the ride and hire us to take care of the rest. Contact us ahead of time to schedule a meet and greet with one of our friendly dog walkers before you arrive. We can’t wait to meet you!

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