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West Village Dog Walkers

West Village Dog Walking Services

Dog Walking from Houston to West 14th and 6th to the River

Whether you’re on your way to eat at one of the many local restaurants or going shopping at one of the boutique shops in the area, the West Village has plenty of entertainment for both humans and dogs. The West Village makes up the northwestern portion of Greenwich Village and has some great neighbors in Chelsea and Lower Manhattan. With that being said, our West Village dog walkers are constantly scouring the area for all the best spots to entertain your pooch during their walk together.

The West Village is lucky enough to have the Hudson as one of its boundaries. With all kinds of commotion from ships to people to dogs and birds, there’s so much stimulation for your dog to enjoy. Getting out and about is one of the most important parts of your dog’s day, so we want to make sure they get the exercise and socialization that they need. If your dog isn’t entertained by the river, maybe they’re better suited for the Leroy Street or West Village Dog Run instead. Whatever your dog’s taste, our West Village dog walkers will make sure they get their fill of activity for the day.

West Village Dog Walkers

Our West Village dog walkers don’t just walk dogs in this area, most of them currently reside here. With their intimate knowledge of the area and their passion for dogs our dog walkers give your pooch a one-on-one experience that is unparalleled in the area. Not only are our dog walkers professionally trained but they care very deeply about the dogs that they walk. Schedule a meet and greet today and let us meet your dog before you make any kind of decision to bring on our service. We know that after meeting one of our dog walkers, both you and your pooch will understand why so many people trust us with their dogs.

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